About Us

Our company was formed out of desire to provide high standard  service for group incentive and individual travelers to Nepal, Tibet and Bhutan and our company have remained true to this tradition throughout. We are now supported in our objectives by class hotels and tour operator in Tibet and Bhutan, transforming the landscape for tourists and business-travelers alike. Nepal, Tibet and Bhutan our primary destinations, have seen massive changes since the resurgence of these countries as hot tourist destinations which has been reflected in a dramatic increase in visitor numbers since the late 1990's that we believe will continue into the next century.  

The foundation for every memorable experience is discovered in our commitment to providing the highest quality experience in the industry, because we understand the impact of “the little things”. Your travel experiences will become a lifelong memory, great art that touches your heart, nature mesmerizing with its beauty and solitude history. Our experiences are differentiated from others because we specialize in creating remarkable trekking travel experiences for our clients with our itinerarie’s depth, focus and originality. we belive in, Big enough to matter, small enough to care!

We are adequately prepared to facilitate all manner of trekking, expeditions and any other choice of your tours in Nepal, Tibet and Bhutan. We are not only a Company we are your partners in trek as

                      “Come with us your experiences will transcend the ordinary”